Spiewak Ad Campaign, Fall 2005

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When you live in a densely populated city, every day you discover something new just by walking out the door. This concept of the “urban tourist” was the foundation for the Spiewak Fall 2005 campaign. Working with photographer Erez Sabag, a series of locations were shot throughout Williamsburg, Brooklyn under the premise of “discovering your own back yard.”

Following the main photo shoot, additional renegade shoots were set up with Luke Barber-Smith, Christopher Lehault and Josh Chapman capturing both friends and strangers in their neighborhoods, on their rooftops, and in their everyday life. The Spiewak campaigns always strived for a sense of “anti-fashion,” a sense of authenticity, and this one came the closest.

Spiewak Final Ad Image, Fall 2005

From a visual perspective, textured photographs and loose illustrations were used to reflect the motion and grit of city living. Text was kept to a minimum to bring the brand image and its logo to the forefront. The campaign came to fruition through a series of ads (above and below) that ran in fashion and culture magazines on an international level. Additionally, a consumer brochure (top) was developed as well as support signage for trade shows, in-store graphics, and mailing. (All work done in-house for Spiewak.)

Spiewak Final Ad Image, Fall 2005