Pastry Footwear Ad Campaign, Fall 2008
First Initial Campaign Sketch, Pastry Footwear
Second Initial Campaign Sketch, Pastry Footwear

Developed by Defined by Media from initial concept through worldwide execution, the Pastry fall 2008 campaign portrays the duel lives of the footwear and clothing line's founders, Angela and Vanessa Simmons. Using a contrast of ultra-white modernism and the line’s vibrant color palate, the campaign shows both the playful lifestyle of the Simmons sisters as well as their hard working ethics that have brought the line to such a success in a short time.

Campaign photo before graphics, Pastry Footwear
Portrait photo before graphics, Pastry Footwear

Portraying a positive, aspirational roll in the community and amongst fans has always been a strong tone in the Pastry visualization. Vanessa and Angela are more than just the faces on the line, they are intricately involved in the concept, design, and development of every aspect of brand’s development (here represented by the ultra-modern office setting.) But, like Vanessa and Angela themselves, the line is full of youth, energy, and excitement. We've chosen to let the clothing and environmental accessories represent those vivacious elements of the line.

Pastry Footwear Fall 2008 Final ad image

Finally, what began with a simple idea – the marriage of these two unique aspects of the brand – was realized. Concept illustrations were brought to life through photography, and then further enhanced with custom graphics from dBM. The result is a playful, surreal world that visualizes the creative energy of the both Pastry and the Simmons sisters.

Pastry Footwear Fall 2008 POP image
Pastry Footwear Fall 2008 POP image

Because of the breath of the campaign (ad images distributed worldwide, in-store materials, display windows, and trade show graphics) an additional set of portraits were developed in the same style as part of the “pastry world.”

Glam Pie Typography, Pastry Footwear Fall 2008

Finally, support graphics and custom typography was created to round out the nuances of the campaign.