Website Design
Gigsnitch Website Image 1 is a revolutionary concept in the concert experience. Using the ease of availability of iPods, mobile phone cameras, and high speed wireless data transfer, Gigsnitch’s aim is to bring the live concert experience online through a running dialog with attendees and viewers at home. What if you want to know if there is a long bathroom line? Or the name of the last song played? Through a series of on-site bloggers, Gigsnitch aims to answer these questions and more by creating a series of conversations in real time centered around concert events.

Designed as a beta test on a Wordpress content management system (CMS), Gigsnitch incorporates both an extensive list of plug-ins and custom modifications to the Wordpress infrastructure resulting in a truly custom CMS built on Wordpress's rock solid foundation. Initially, the site was designed with a homage to old silk-screen concert posters (above) using moire patters, paper textures, and varying san serif text weights as key design elements that would translate well into the digital realm. After extensive client feedback and a series of revisions, however, the realized version of the site became a much more modern and streamlined experience (below.)

Gigsnitch Final Website Image experienced a short life span in the summer of 2008 and has since been decommissioned and rendered inactive. What will the future hold for the world of live event blogging? We'll just have to wait and see.